5 Best digital headphones in 2020

This article is about 5 best digital headphones to be bought in 2020. But let’s start with the minor details about this product.

What is a Headphone?

The headphones are the small speakers. They can be wear in ears or around the ears depending upon the size and type of headphones. Outmoded headphones have two ear cups to place over head whereas the new smaller headphones are placed inside the outer part of ear canal. Headphones function same like the standing speakers but their output sound is comparatively different. Even the output of headphones is lower as compared to standing speakers but still they sound more than speakers because of close proximity of headphones to ears. That’s why headphones sound louder than the speakers.

Types of Headphones:

Headphones come in many shapes, sizes, colors, format, styles and frequencies but few common types of headphones are as follows:


These headphones easily fit in ear canal. Normally they contain rubber ends that help in fitting on ears easily.


Earbuds are headphones that fit inside the ears edges. They are used along with smartphones.


 These headphones occur on the ear but they don’t comprehend the whole ears. They help its users from preventing outside sounds.


These are also called around-ear headphones. This is because they wrap around the ears. They come in open and closed end versions. The first version allows outside noise to come inside ears whereas the other one limits external sounds from coming inside the ears.


This headphone also contains a microphone that detects external sounds and sends sounds to ear buy cancelling the outside noises. It is available in all types.

Analog and Digital Headphones:

The analog headphones produce smooth waves of sound that are produced directly from source. In an outdated setup, a vinyl record vibrates a needle which feeds that energy directly through a copper wire to a cone to produce the sound. Whereas the digital headphones samples the sound wave at sure points and turns every part of that wave right into a block of information defined by way of a certain wide variety of zero’s and 1’s. Those 0’s and 1’s define what noise is popping out at each factor within the wave.

5 Best digital headphones in 2020:

If you want to buy new headphones to listen to amazing songs that made you comfortable and relaxes your body, mind and soul then you are at right place. In this hugely crowded market having loads of products which confuses you to choose your desired product then this would be a handy timesaver for you. Therefore 5 Best digital headphones in terms of their performance and surround-sound are as follows:

Sony WH-1000XM3:

Some major features of this special Sony Headphones are as follows:

Cable Length3.94ft
Frequency Response4 Hz-40,000 Hz
Battery Life30 Hours
Wireless Range33ft

This Sony headphones are phenomenal in keeping external noises out of frame. These are Hi-Resolution with better audio prepared. They also have a smart feature of google assistance. These are the headphones that can exist in any environment and can provide you all the sound you need. This masterpiece of Sony Headphones provides best time perfecting audio playback. It works on the most recent algorithm developed by Sony so far. That’s why this headset can give its best performance in any situation by breaking all the sterile sound barriers.

The positive points of this headset are:

  • Best Noise Cancellation
  • Best Sound Producing Quality
  • Best 30 Hour Battery Life

And the negative point is only its call quality. That is not so good, not so bad, it’s just mediocre.

RHA S500u

Some major features of this in-ear Headphones are as follows:

Cable Length1.35m Dual Length
Frequency Response16 Hz-22,000 Hz
Battery LifeN/A
Wireless RangeN/A

This in-ear hands-free is best if you are good at forgetting and breaking headphones but still want best music in your hands. Thus this hands-free is best option in context of price and quality sound. The bass is also good but not so high. These handsets provide you balanced soundstage that can be used easily while workouts or in any other work by making your music sound great and comfortable. Thus this is the best option for you if you want it to be cheap in price and best in performance.

The positive points of this headset are:

  • Great Build Quality
  • Balanced, Rich and Great Audio Quality

And the negative points of this headset are:

  • It sometimes becomes high in pitch and frequency
  • Its soundstage is narrow

Audio-Technica ATH-SR5BT:

Some major features of this over-ear Headphones are as follows:

Cable Length3.9ft
Frequency Response5 Hz-40,000 Hz
Battery Life40 Hours
Wireless RangeN/A

This is a wireless, Bluetooth and over-ear headphone that can please music lover with its greater audio. These headphones play all the music genres outstanding. They are tremendously contented for long eavesdropping assemblages. The most important feature is that the single charge of this device can make it runnable for up to 40 hours. But it also lacks in some capabilities like active noise cancellation and multi device pairing in comparison with high price headphones.

The positive points of this headset are:

  • Great Battery Life
  • Rich and Great Audio Quality
  • Wired Mode with Best Sound Features

And the negative points of this headset are:

  • Anticyclones can be too bouncing
  • Lacks in some features

Beyer dynamic DT 1990 Pro:

Some major features of this over-ear Headphones are as follows:

Cable Length3.9ft or 9.8ft
Frequency Response5 Hz-40,000 Hz
Battery LifeN/A
Wireless RangeN/A

This company is well known for introducing best audio sound gear in market. This is also known as best for their exceptional build and comprehensive technology. This headphone is this company’s masterpiece. A headphone which won editor’s choice for its imaging, design and value for money. This headphone is built on open-back design which gives a great sense of space. This Hi-Fi headphone is used by some of world’s leading audio engineers.

The positive points of this headset are:

  • Well-made and Contented Design
  • Spectacular Steadfastness

And the negative points of this headset are:

  • Considerably settled mids
  • Anticyclones can be knotty

Philips Fidelio X2:

Some major features of this over-ear Headphones are as follows:

Weight0.85 Pounds
Cable Length9.8ft
Frequency Response5 Hz-40,000 Hz
Battery LifeN/A
Wireless RangeN/A

The Philip Fidelio X2 is a superb pair of headphones with best comfort and build quality. The sound quality of this headset is so best that it rivals audiophile’s cans. The sound quality of this product is very much sheer. But the main fact about this headset is that vast amount of cash can be saved by buying this product.

The positive points of this headset are:

  • Dazzling Sound
  • Terrific Value
  • Very Comfy

And the negative point of this headset is that it lacks extra features.

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