Best Gaming Keyboards for 2020

This article is all about the best keyboards of 2020 used to play computer games. The keyboard has been evolved from typewriters. So, we can say that the keyboard has been inherited from the typewriter. The first typewriter was developed by Christopher Latham Sholes in 188 was the first hands-on typewriter. But after many technological developments, the typewriter turned into keyboards which your hands know better now. The first QWERTY keyboard was invented by two partners Sholes and James Densmore in 1878. This is the most popular layout of the keyboard which is in use even today.

Types of keyboards

Following are some types of keyboards according to their design and use

  1. Laptop keyboards
  2. Gaming Keyboards
  3. Ergonomic Computer Keyboards
  4. Infrared Laser Keyboards
  5. Roll Up Keyboards

  • Laptop Keyboards

It is the same typical QWERTY keyboard as a normal keyboard, but the only difference in Laptop keyboard and normal keyboard is that most symbols are accommodated in smaller space in laptop keyboards to occupy less space. These keyboards also have some extra buttons such as volume, play, pause, rewind, mute, brightness, and others.

  • Gaming Keyboards

The gaming keyboards are also normal keyboards except they have some extra buttons such as illuminated multimedia and other LCD screen buttons. Illuminated keys help while typing in darks and multimedia keys help in adjusting the volume of music or changing tracks.

  • Ergonomic Computer Keyboards

Ergonomic computer keyboards are a bit different from the normal ones. They are designed in such a way that it can reduce muscle strain and can protect its user from a lot of problems.

  • Infrared Laser Keyboards

This keyboard is a recently developed gadget in the computer world. This gadget projects the keyboard on a solid flat surface like a table or desk. But still, this invention needs some modifications because it can be frustrating to use it at this moment.

  • Roll Up Keyboards

These keyboards are the most portable keyboards. They are best for travelling people. All you must do is simply roll the keyboard and take it with you and wherever it is needed unroll it. These are made up of silicon. It only requires one precaution, you must roll it always and not fold it because folding this keyboard can cause a damage to its circuitry.

Best Gaming Keyboards for 2019

We all know that if anyone has best gaming PC, then it will look very awkward if anyone is using any ordinary or simple keyboard with it. Also, the best gaming keyboards can help you improve your gaming skills. These keyboards also have some extra mechanical switches which made gaming easy and feasible for its likers. Following are some of the keyboards along with their description and features:

Hyper X Alloy Elite

SwitchCherry MX, Blue, Brown, Red
SizeFull Size
Back LightsRed
Media ControlsDedicated
Wrist restDetachable

This is a very quality gaming keyboard. It comes at a very affordable price and excellence design. What it lacks is that it did not have any dedicated macro column and it does not have RGB background colors.

Corsair k95 RGB Platinum

SwitchCherry MX speed, Brown
SizeFull Size
Back LightsRed, Green, Blue
Media ControlsDedicated
Wrist restDetachable

This is a very big keyboard with enormous footprints, but it is also a very expensive one. But feature wise this keyboard has got all not few. Its rubber wrist pad attaches magnetically and has contrasting textures.

Logitech k840

SwitchLogitech Romer-G
SizeFull Size
Back LightsNo
Media ControlsFunction key integrated
Wrist restNo

This special keyboard is a magic keyboard, designed in collaboration with Japanese giant Omron. Because its price is very low, therefore its keycaps come in cheap and fragile lettering that likely to be removed by itself over time.

Kinesis freestyle edge

SwitchCherry MX, Brown, Blue, Red, Silver
SizeFull Size
Back LightsBlue
Media ControlsFunction key integrated
Wrist restDetachable

This unique freestyle separable keyboard opens at the center, with two halves connected with 20 inches cable. This helps its user to freely angle the halves according to his relaxed position. It also has a lift kit which raises two free halves at center supporting your wrist to move and perform tasks easily.

Logitech G213 Prodigy

SizeFull Size
Back LightsRGB
Media ControlsDedicated
Wrist restFixed

This is a membrane keyboard with all the excellent features, and it is much more affordable. The switches of this keyboard are silent and stable. In addition, this set includes dedicated macros, fixed wrist rest and RGB lightning that makes it attractive and boosts its beauty.

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