Best Gaming PC Desktop for 2020

This article is all about best Personal Computers (Desktop Computers) for gaming purposes in 2020. The first Desktop computer was introduced in 1965 named Olivetti Programma 101 which was almost equal to the size of a typewriter. Later, some more desktop computers were introduced in the mid-’70s. But now the time for more extensive and limited functionalities computers is gone. Due the passage of time as everything changed and become small and mobilized so are the computers. Today’s computers are more compact than before, and they can perform a more significant number of operations or functions with greater performance and precision. Today’s computers response time and utilization rate are highest than ever. Their Throughput and CPU Utilization rates are better than the previous ones. Now the computers can perform enormous activities in just very small instances of time.

Types of Desktop Computers:

Desktop computers have evolved very much in a very less period. This evolution has paved its way into a number of desktop systems for both office and Home use and for commercial use. If you want to purchase a suitable desktop according to your need, then you must weigh your options in order to get your required system. Most desktop computers have the same capabilities, but their prices differ according to some of their abilities. Some distinguishing factors include functions, specifications, pricing, and designs of the systems.

Some types of desktop computer systems are as follows:

  1. Personal Desktop Computer
  2. Laptop
  3. Mainframes
  4. Mainstreams Desktop
  5. Super Computer
  • Personal Desktop Computer

The personal computers are designed to be used by a general/specific person. They are also known as Microcomputers. This is because they were built on smaller scales. Earliest designed PC’s used DOS (Disk Operating System) to run these systems. But now these systems use GUI (Graphical User Interface) which is way more simple, easy to use and attractive as well.

  • Laptop

As the laptops and PC’s use same type of Operating System, i.e. GUI, therefore, both these systems can perform the same type of operations. But the benefit of a laptop over PC is that it is more compact in size, portable and easy to use.

  • Mainframes

Mainframes computer systems can be defined as Centralized computers connected with less powerful workstations. IBM company is the most prominent Mainframes developing body. In short, we can say that Mainframes summarize the larger calculations into smaller ones using high-speed servers.

  • Mainstreams

In general, these computers are computer powerhouses with heavy price tags. Specifically, they are typical home PCs with elevated-end specifications and substantial prices. Their numerous hardware components allow them to do the hefty calculations and perform weighty tasks easily.

  • Super Computer

Supercomputers are composed of multiple high performing computers. These multiple systems work in parallel to perform a single job. Supercomputers cost thousands or even millions of dollars. They can perform millions or even trillions of calculations per second. The best-known Super Computers are called CRAY Super Computers.

Gaming Desktop Computers:

Gaming computers are also known as gaming rigs. A gaming computer is a personal computer designed or developed for playing computational trending games. Some of the best Gaming Personal Computers in 2019 are as follows:

Corsair Vengeance 5180

Some features/Specifications of this Gaming System are as follows:

CPUIntel Core i5-8700
GPUNvidia GeForce RTX 2080
Storage2 TB
  • Modish RGB lightning
  • Component chambers
  • RTX Graphic
  • CPU can’t be overclocked

This gaming system has tempered glass on its sides, front and on the top, which creates a very modern look and makes this system stylish and attractive. To protect the system with heat, the system is cased with dual chambers that separate the power supply from GPU, Ram, and Processor.

Cyber Power PC Gamer Xtreme

CPUIntel Core i5-8400
Storage1 TB HDD 7200 RPM
  • Greater Performance
  • Runs cool
  • SSD not included

It is a valuable fantastic pre-built gaming system. If you build this system, all by yourself, then it would cost approximately $700 for you. If you want to enter the expanding world of Virtual Reality, then this gaming system is the best option for you.

HP Omen Obelisk

CPUIntel Core i7-8700
RAM16 GB DDR 4 2666
Storage2 TB HDD
  • Strong Components
  • Removes Frills
  • Keeps cost low
  • Minimalist Design

This Hewlett Packard Gaming system is evident of Omen Obelisk due to its powerful components. It’s for next-generation PC Gaming and a necessary part of graphics rendering. Its most essential part is its price tag. All of this comes under $2000 only.

Corsair One

CPUIntel Core i7-7700k
RAM16 GB-32 GB DDR 4 2666
Storage2 TB HDD
  • Slim, Uncluttered footprint
  • Excellent Performance
  • Easily Upgradable

Corsair has always been famous for its superiority prebuild systems. This is a very well-cooled system that runs very quiet like pin drop silence. It is a gaming monster. It can cost about $5000 dollars.

Alienware Aurora

CPUIntel Core i7-8700k
RAM16 GB-32 GB DDR 4 2666
Storage2 TB HDD
  • RGB lightening
  • Easy to setup and upgrade
  • Lack of filters

Alienware a brand of great models and high price tags. This is a configurable and greater performance desktop personal computer. Its most important thing is that it can prioritize the gaming aspects and can deprioritize the workload.

Therefore while choosing a best Gaming PC desktop one must have a look at every major producer to find the best combination of value, durability, performance, interoperability, design, and performance for various budgets and needs.

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