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Mostly Android users are looking for the keyboard that comes with advanced features like emoji, text writing, support for other languages, best layout, advanced swiping actions, and many fun themes. It can completely change the look of the keyboard. However, the advantage of the default keyboard of android is that you are always free from the risk of keyloggers and malware attacks.

There are many apps uploaded on the Google Play Store for keyboards. However, the users can’t judge which app they should use. Based on the reviews, comments, and rating we have listed the best keyboard apps for android that user should use. They come with advanced features and is recommended by most technologists.


After Gboard, SwiftKey is considered to be one of the best keyboard apps for Android. Microsoft acquired it in 2016. It comes with high accuracy rates, advanced features, and emojis. You can easily switch between the languages which are best for the users. Its privacy policy ensures user their sensitive details like credit card and login details are secured. It offers users a lot of themes and customizations options.

It supports over 300 languages mainly include English, Spanish, Portuguese, German,Turkish, French, Arabic, Russian and Italian.

SwiftKey app uses AI (artificial intelligence) to predict the next word that the user intends to type. It also comes with handy features of autocorrect and gesture typing to minimize the error and faster input.


If you are at finding the Number one and best keyboard app for Android, then you are at the right place. With top-notch android and google integration, Gboard assures users the protection of their privacy details, e.g., login information and credit cards. It’s offers a lot of languages, emojis, theme options and many more.

It also comes with plenty of customizations, speed, and reliability, voice typing, gestures typing for faster input, phrase prediction, adding personal image and emoji recognition.

It supports over 100 different languages and one of the fastest android apps on the Google Play Store. There is no need to worry about the malware infection because Google develops this app and user’s data is sink with the Google account which is a handy feature of this app.


Flesky is considered to be best Keyboard app after the Gboard and SwiftKey. It also offers auto-correct and gesture for faster and accurate input, emojis, GIFs, customization, adding punctuations, space, delete and word corrections.

It also supports over 40 different languages and covers over 50 different themes, three separate customizable keyboard sizes and easy access to number row.

It also provides user privacy thus not collecting any personal data without the user’s permission. Users can shrink or expand the keyboard according to their choice.


Chrooma is almost similar to the general Google keyboard but with advanced features and customization options. The swiping on Chrooma is top-notch, and it offers excellent keyboard style, font, swipe typing, keyboard resizing, gestures, autocorrect and predictive typing.

This app is powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) that predicts the next word that users intend to type thus providing more accuracy and best prediction while typing. It also offers night mode features, emojis, punctuation suggestions and numbers

It turns blue for Twitter, yellow for Google Keep, green for Spotify and many more. The exciting fact about Chrooma is its adaptive color mode; it can automatically adapt to the color of the app you are using it thus making the keyboard appear as it is a part of the app. Its color options are on point with most apps, and it’s easy to switch colors between the other apps without losing the color adaptation when typing in other apps. The problem with Chrooma app is that it is not helpful with handling emojis as compared to SwiftKey and Gboard.


According to my suggestion, these above-mentioned keyboard apps are not safe for the data privacy. Although, these apps suggest the privacy policy, it is better to go with the app that is most recommended. If you want to use the advanced and fancy features on the keyboard, then the above-mentioned apps are recommended for you.

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