Best MacBook Under 1000 Dollars For 2020

This article is all about the best MacBook under 1000 dollars of 2020 in context of speed, performance and features. In the past people used to have bigger computer systems which took rooms of space to get settled. But nowadays such systems are gone. Now the laptop computers are so small that one can take such systems anywhere with him and can use it at any place. As the time passed the laptop systems have also become compact, mobilized and cheap with greater functions and ease of use and we got best MacBook’s under $1000 in 2020.

MacBook’s History:

MacBook is the laptop computer system developed by Apple company. The name Apple was firstly used for laptop computers. In 1991 the first Apple laptop computer was introduced with a label of PowerBook. But a lot happened in the time frame of 25 years or so. The very first Power Book was not so much like the todays MacBook except that it was also developed by Apple. The final version of PowerBook before the invention and development of MacBook was PowerBook G-4. It was released in 2001. It looked much like MacBook harbinger and introduced the compressed size accompanying with today’s Apple laptops.

Following are the types of MacBook’s along with their era in context of Best MacBook’s Under 1000 Dollars For 2020:

  1. The Original MacBook (2006-2011)
  2. The MacBook Pro (2006-Today)
  3. The MacBook Air (2008-Today)
  4. The New MacBook (2015-Today)

The Original MacBook (2006-2011):

The first MacBook was released worldwide on 16 May 2006 with only two shades i.e. black and white. Apple switched to Intel processors for better performance and to give company freedom of choosing to design more significantly and efficiently. This first MacBook laid the foundation for apple Laptop Business that it has today. For a longer period until 2008 MacBook was the best-selling laptop of apple brand in USA in all consumer, industrial, development and educational market. During that era the apple company introduced three design recapitulations in its laptop systems. These were

  1. Polycarbonate and Fiberglass combination.
  2. Aluminum Unibody.
  3. Polycarbonate Unibody.

The inventive MacBook was superseded in July 2001 and the MacBook Air took place of it. But soon it will return in its own style with new variations.

The MacBook Pro (2006-Today):

The MacBook Pro was released in January 2006. This Pro Book gave its users a choice of processor either to have 1.83 GHZ or 2.00 GHZ CPU. It was a slight seeking edgy system with a 15-inch screen which later updated into 17-inch screen. In late 2006 the 17-inch swapped back into 13-inch and Retina display was introduced which was more clear, sharp and eye-catching.

The MacBook Air (2008-Today):


The MacBook Air was introduced by Steve Jobs itself in 2008. As prices dropped this Book became the cheaper substitute of MacBook pro. It was a great combination of Portability, durability, interoperability, power and most importantly price. So, it kicked off all other laptop systems like MacBook pro and the Windows Laptops.

The New MacBook (2015-Today):

And this was the return of the original MacBook in March 2015. It was thinner in size, more authoritative and more expensive as compared to its prior ones. Its users praised a lot its design and light-weight being this much performative. It was a trend setter laptop for the new coming systems. But now it’s not as such a good compromise between Movability and Recital. Unluckily that’s not a good match nowadays but it could become the basis of another ten years ascendency on the laptop scene. Exactly like what Apple do with the previous versions of MacBook.

Best MacBook’s Under 1000 Dollars:

Now let’s talk about the best MacBook’s under $1000 for the year 2020. The MacBook’s list is a mixture of new and old laptops in context of variety of size, performance, durability, interoperability, reliability, speed and their performances. Now let’s take into consideration all the Apple MacBook’s one by one and discuss its pricings, performances and features and tell you about the best MacBook’s under 1000 dollars in 2020.

MacBook Air with Retina display (2018): (Best for Most)

Some major features of this MacBook are as follows:

CPU8th Gen Y-Series Corei5
Display13.3 inches
SSD256,512,1.5 TB
PortsTwo Thunderbolt 3, headphone
Weight2.75 Pounds

The new MacBook Air released in 2018 is the Laptop with Retina display. Its bezels are more supporting, lighter and slimmer then ever. In short, we can say this Apple book is the best book ever invented by google. It also gives louder speaker and a touch ID that helps to login to the system with the help of your fingerprints. The Solid-State Disk speed of this laptop is faster, and rates are shattered. This is the MacBook we recommend to most peeps because it only costs $11,99.

13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (2017): (Bang for Low-grade)

Some major features of this MacBook are as follows:

CPU2.3 GHZ intel Corei5
Display13 inches
PortsTwo Thunderbolt 3, headphone
Weight3.02 Pounds

The MacBook Pro or you can say all around laptop. This is because in this book you get a fast 7th generation corei5 processor, touch bar and most quitter keyboard. But what’s most astonishing thing in this system is that this MacBook lasted 9 hours and 50 minutes in our battery test. This amazing laptop can be yours in just $1299.

15-inch MacBook Pro 2018: (Swiftness to go)


Some major features of this MacBook are as follows:

CPU2.2 GHZ six-core intel corei7
Display15 inches
PortsFour Thunderbolt 3
Weight4.02 Pounds

This MacBook is a great tool for demanding workload. It is best for video editor, photo editor, developer, programmer and professional use. This system will surely handle every difficult and heavy task with ease. This system can be opted up to 6-core Core i9 processor with 4k editing test. The 15-inch MacBook pro also has graphics punch with up to AMD Radeon 560X GPU. Lastly the battery of this system lasted 10 hours and 20 minutes in our system. And it costed $2399 dollars. This is a laptop system for serious pros.

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12-inch MacBook: (For frequent travelers)

Some major features of this MacBook are as follows:

CPU1.2 GHZ intel core m3
Display12 inches
Ports1 USB-C
Weight2.03 Pounds

This 12-inch MacBook is just 2.03 pounds in weight and 0.52 inches thick. This book is so small and so light that you can’t feel it when its in your bag. But its stylish design is best for anyone to show off. This laptop is so very ultraportable. It is available in 4 colors i.e. rose gold, space grey, gold and silver. Its performance is very attired when you use it, you will configure it. It has only one USB-C port and it doesn’t support faster speeds. It only costs $1299.

MacBook Air (2017): (The Most Affordable MacBook)


Some major features of this MacBook are as follows:

CPU1.8 GHZ intel core i5
Display13 inches
Ports2 USB 3, Thunderbolt 2, SD card
Weight2.96 Pounds

Some people might think of why Apple kept this MacBook for so long, but its advantages didn’t allow the company to dismiss this system. This system offers full sized USB ports and it also has an SD card slot. Its battery life is also epic as it lasted 10 hours and 26 minutes in our battery test. But to get a system so cheap like this you must make some compromises, and these are it has a fifth generation Intel core processor and low-resolution display. This system can be yours in just $1299. It’s a great system for people having ultra-tight budgets.


Apple is an American Multi National company that makes computer hardware’s and software’s. It was invented by Steve Jobs in 1970’s. Now this company has introduced many of its variations like iPhone, iPad, apple tablets, and laptops (MacBook’s). Apple makes its own hardware systems called Macintosh which run on its own software called MAC OS. Also, Apple laptops are considered as Gold Standard in category of Portable laptop systems. Apple laptop systems are considered superior than other due to their following properties:

  • Improved amalgamation of hardware and software
  • More practicable product assortment
  • Higher build quality
  • Near picture-perfect input devices
  • Dazzling displays
  • Healthier Performance
  • Nice and powerful OS
  • Best battery holdup in business

Because of the following characteristics MacBook’s are better than other brands laptop systems.

Lastly, I would conclude this as anyone can pick the laptop according to the features that best suits his requirements from MacBook’s list. If someone wants low cost system, he can pick accordingly or if higher performance or greater battery then pick the one that suits you. This article will surely help you choose which MacBook to choose according to your requirement as well as your budget.

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