Best Wireless Gaming Mouse to Buy In 2020

It doesn’t matter what kind of Computer System you are using for games either it’s a personal desktop computer or it’s a laptop, you will always need a gamming mouse to meet the gaming demands. Without it you cannot game properly. If you have spent too much money on that fancy computer system then you are at the right place to buy a reasonable and cost efficient but quality mouse. The mouse gaming peripherals smooth our gaming experience. As mouse is a hot swappable peripheral device, therefore choosing between wired and wireless mouse isn’t the thing the matters. It’s completely up to your choice and likeness. For a better gaming experience everything attached to the powerful rig must be of analogous quality.

When choosing the best mouse according to needs, one must keep the most ideal balance of price and performance and for better gaming experience a better mouse pad is also required. The important features of a mouse that make it attractive and functional include its exaggerated design, Shining RGB lights, unique names and black plastic structure. So the best wireless gaming mouse to buy in 2020 are as follows:

Steel Series Sensei 310

Some major features of this wireless mouse are

DPIUp to 12000
DesignAmbidextrous Design
LightningGreen light
Detail3500 CPI, 50 million click life span

The cost of admittance of this mouse is very low. With this mouse you get True Move 3 optical sensor which makes it incredible to compete with. When it comes to legerdemain, it’s a force to be totaled with in terms of real world thoughtfulness. It also provides right handed approach to dexterity. The value and quality of this mouse is indeed indistinguishable. The plus points include reasonable price and comfortability for claw and palm grips. Some minimizations of this mouse includes, it has no braided cable and it lacks sensor calibration support.

Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless

Some major features of this wireless mouse are

DPIUp to 10000
DesignStylish, Elegant
LightningRGB light
Price             $49.98
DetailWireless, Omron Switches

The best mouse for gaming is the one that delivers excellent performance at an affordable price and this mouse is the best combination of both. This beautiful mouse has a long battery life and best for less than $50. This is the best option for right handed users and at this price and functions it’s marvelous. There is nothing else to complain about. The positive features of this mouse are affordable price, high performance and stylish/elegant design. The negative point is only that it’s for right handers only.

Logitech G903

Some major features of this wireless mouse are

CPIUp to 16000
Battery32 Hours Rechargeable
Price             $74.98
Weight107 gm

It’s a wonderfully sculpted right handed mouse but can also be used by left handers. Its click mechanism which feels and sounds better than any other mouse click. It has a metal scroll wheel which can be clicked side to side and spin freely. It uses 12000 DPI sensors Logitech been using since along. It is a high end wireless mouse. Its benefits include more than 30 hours battery life, best click feel but the negative point is that it is more expensive than most wired gaming mice.

Razer Mamba Wireless

Some major features of this wireless mouse are

CPIUp to 16000
Battery50 Hours
Price             $57.99
Weight96 gm

The Mamba wireless is one of Razers best overall peripheral period. This is the razors best high quality, elegant design and durability of gear. This one incredible mouse is also accompanied by the hyper flux charging mat which powers it as you use it. The weight of it can also be reduced by replacing the battery with a lighter capacitor. It is packed with Razors best 5G sensor and is rated for 450 IPS. Its precision is very high. It is a light mouse and a good wireless mouse option. Its positive points include lag and latency free, extremely precise and comfortable form factor. The only negativity in this mouse is its odd looking side panels.

E Blue Mazor ||

Some major features of this wireless mouse are

CPI2500 and above
Price             $15.96
Weight140 gm

This one is a decent wireless mouse for about 20 bucks. But it’s not that much precise. The wired mouse in this price range are much better in performance than this one. But if you are stubborn one wireless mouse and you only have a few bucks then the Mazer || is the best option for you. It has four DPI options from 500 to 2500 and a very comfortable left hand grip. This can communicate with the system in every millisecond. It offers a 250 HZ pooling rate. Its plus point is only that it’s too much cheap. The negative points include not a great sensor, do driver software and cheaper quality. But the good price is all it gives.

Logitech MX Vertical

Some major features of this wireless mouse are

BatteryUp to 4 Months
Price             $85.95
Weight135 gm (0.31 lbs.)

This mouse is one of the best and comfortable hands on thing. It’s not designed to be a dedicated mouse that’s why we have included it down the list. It has a high resolution, certainly sensitive to be used in most popular games. Its main strength is its ergonomics design. The best thing about this mouse is that it allows your hands to rest on itself when in relaxing position. For productivity and most gaming scenarios this vertical gaming mouse is the best option. The vertical pointer is also great. The merits of this mouse includes it is incredibly comfortable and ergonomic, virtually no lag or latency and reduces strain and fatigue. The demerits are awkward thumb buttons and not suitable for twitch games.

The Bottom Line

Today’s perception about use of wireless mouse is outdated. Some wireless mouse are very costly and cheap ones lack in their battery or sensors or ergonomics. But good wireless gaming mice’s are fuzzy from that of wired mice in their speed, performance, functions, accuracy and precision.

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